Welcome to Aura Beauty Box

We are self-confessed beauty junkies! Although, if there was a rehab group for such an addiction, you definitely would not find us there! Why? Because we love what we do! We love the buzz of finding that eureka product you know is going to change someone’s life.  

We love helping people to look and feel fantastic!

We have been doing so successfully for 8 years in our Beauty Spa’s and now want to share our wealth of knowledge and our expanding product portfolio with fellow beauty lovers. Our focus is not solely on bringing you cult beauty products that will help you look great…but also world leading spa brands to make you feel great!

Aside from knowing you are buying the best, you can also be assured you are shopping with the best:

Authentic – You can trust that everything you buy is 100% authentic, guaranteed. We work exclusively with brand manufacturers only.

Service – Quite simply, we strive to provide the best customer experience. Life can be stressful enough, who needs any more!

Unbiased – We are never swayed by the power of the media, PR, marketing and high society ‘schmoozing’. We showcase some high performance products that may not be able to shout quite as loudly as some market leaders. These companies have spent their money on research and development of products rather than lavish, over promising advertising campaigns. Their products sell themselves.....you just need to know they are there!

Skincare Specialists - We have a dedicated team of skincare specialists who receive regular training directly from brands. We provide accurate, unbiased information on products as well as treatment advice on your beauty concerns. 

Passion - We are passionate about every single product on our site. You know when you find a product you love so much that even when you’ve squeezed every last morsel from it you still can’t bring yourself to throw away the empty bottle? That’s how passionate!

And so we continue our global search for those high performance products that actually work! We look forward to sharing these discoveries with you and also hearing from you so together we can make a difference.